The 2015 Ensemble

The Troublemakers is the advanced, second year, level of Make Trouble, for veterans of our training who have previously trained, lived, worked, and made theater together as an ensemble with us. We worked with this awesome ensemble of artists in the summer of 2015 when Colleen, Amanda and Thadd were leading the Shakespeare Academy at Stratford--directing them in Henry V and Twelfth Night, training and teaching them in ensemble theater, physical dramaturgy, and Shakespeare; creating a fierce ensemble. They found each other again here at Make Trouble. They continued their training and rehearsing for Pericles when they finally reunited in Staunton, VA in July 2016. 

It was our privilege to facilitate this reuniting, keeping the ensembles we work with together, nurturing their esprit de corps, and supporting their artistic endeavors long after we leave each other.  It's a model we hope to continue with our future ensembles. The inaugural Troublemakers Ensemble—the inspiring force behind Make Trouble's creation. 

Emma Blacklay-Piech  Leamington Spa, Warwickshire UK, Cambridge University
Sasha Brooks  Bushey UK, Cambridge University
Ashley Burton  Winston-Salem NC, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Ysabel Jasa  Las Piñas, Philippines, New York University/Tisch
Joshua Lacourse  North Andover MA, St. Michael's College
Ronald Prokeš  Velké Popoviche, Czech Republic, Cambridge University
Luke Robbins  Statesville NC, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Pete Sheldon  Big Stone Gap VA, Virginia Tech
Thomas Schuman  Amherst, MA, Georgetown University
Brian Watko  Auburn ME, Gap Year
Erin Williams  Stratford CT, University of Utah
Victoria Chen  Singapore, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland