MAKE TROUBLE High School Edition

July 16-July 23         10am-6pm              

Cameron Art Museum

New for 2017, we are excited to offer a one-week program for High School students in the Wilmington area. 



Make Trouble’s mission is to train young theater pre-professionals to understand what it means to create together and to interpret Shakespeare through the language of ensemble. Our high school program offers younger artists a unique opportunity to begin to explore this exciting way of making theater and training as an actor. We will focus on learning the basics of ensemble training, on introducing Shakespeare texts as vibrant, living documents, and on helping students to create scenes that are generous, intelligent, nimble, and wholly their own.



This summer, High School students will work with scenes from Shakespeare's epic drama, Antony  and  Cleopatra. Each student will work on one scene with a scene partner. We'll take care of choosing the scenes and partners for you once all applications are in and our ensemble is settled. In preparation for the summer, we suggest you read the play. It's long, it's challenging, but exciting, full of drama and loads of fantastic acting work.

At the end of our training together, on the last day students will share their scenes in a showcase on July 23rd. The week after, you will have the opportunity to see Duomuži's 2-man production of Antony & Cleopatra. Duomuži is an ensemble company of three, all of whom are from Make Trouble (Colleen Sullivan, Ronald Prokeš, Luke Robbins). They rehearsed their A&C for 9 months on Skype, finished up in-person at Make Trouble in Staunton VA in summer 2016, and then took it on an international tour: New York City, Cambridge, London and Athens. We're thrilled to bring it to Wilmington and Make Trouble. ( for more info.)



"Together" is the key word here. From July 16 to July 23 we will work together as team, beginning each morning with ensemble building exercises and then moving into physical actor training. After a lunch break, we'll share with you techniques for creating theater collaboratively, that's what "Composition" is about. It will feel different from blocking out a play led by a director -- instead you and your ensemble mates will work to solve creative problems and present quickly and dynamically little pieces of theatre. Then we'll finish up each day by applying and sharing what you've learned to your scenes from Antony & Cleopatra

Typical day:

10-11 Ensemble Workshop

11-1 Physical Training

1-2 Lunch

2-3 Composition Assignments with Thadd and Amanda

3-5 Rehearse scenes and compositions on your own

5-6 Present work and discuss



We will accept applications on a rolling basis until July 1, 2017.  We are interested in students from all backgrounds, theatrical or non-theatrical, new to Shakespeare or not, all are welcome! 

Tuition for the program is $195. Transportation and meals are the responsibility of the student. Once we receive and approve your application, we will follow up with an email with further details about the summer and how to pay your tuition. 



Thadd McQuade ( and Amanda McRaven ( are leading the High School program, please contact them anytime with any questions.